Intro and “Just not Ready”

Hi, I am Omiya. I am in Grade 7. This is an interesting time because there is a federal election happening in Canada. This is on October 19th, 2015. This blog is important because it helps give kids a chance to share their perspective on the future of our country. 

The 4 main candidates for prime minister are:

Stephen Harper for the Conservative Party of Canada

Thomas Mulcair for the New Democratic Party Of Canada (NDP)

Justin Trudeau for the Liberal Party of Canada

Elizabeth May for the Green Party of Canada

I recently saw the Conservatives attack the Liberals with an ad. The Conservatives said that Justin Trudeau was “just not ready”. 


 Justin Trudeau’s comeback ad said that he was “ready to do what his opponents won’t”. 

I thought it was a good comeback. When I told my family, they thought Mr. Harper just got burned. 


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  1. sumana mashi says:

    Good job Omi! I agree with your parents.

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  2. Hi Omiya,
    I heard about your blog from the Bramptonist twitter page. I have read your posts and you are such a brilliant, insightful young woman.
    I hope you will continue your interest in politics, it is very inspirational!
    I look forward to reading your posts on the American 2016 Presidential Election 🙂

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