Compare Health Care Jot Notes For The 4 Main Parties

Today I am looking over the parties platforms health care plans.


Justin Trudeau just announced fresh of the press promised $3 billion to fund health care. It will specifically go to a modern home care strategy (in home nurses, palliative care – people who are dying – and those with chronic disease). Is $3 billion enough? It may cost more.

Justin Trudeau’s Announcement


Tom Mulcair’s plan is below:

Mulcair’s healthcare announcement 1.8 Billion

NDP healthcare plan

Both these plans are looking good! It is hard to say what the real cost is as there is a cost difference by around $1.2 billion. This is not pocket money. I spoke to my dad who is a doctor and he said this is really needed.

When I visited the Conservatives website, I saw no mention for health care – it is obviously not a big priority for them.

Let’s not forget the Greens!

In Elizabeth May’s party, I saw that they are focused on child obesity, prescriptions, and helping people be healthier – better food and exercise. They did not show any costs for these good ideas.

I find the amount of conversation on health care seems to be small considering how much it affects us all.


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