Niqab or not to Niqab is NOT the question.

This morning on CBC radio when Stephen Harper was interviewed, he said, “Mr. Mulcair, I will never tell my daughter that a woman should cover her face because she is a woman.” I think that he should not be saying this as this is someone’s religion.

Apart from what I think it is interesting how our party leaders are spending time on a topic and are not focusing on the things that are important.

What is Important?

The rising income inequality between the rich, poor, and middle class is important.


This is important because the salaries of the poor (bottom 20%) has not increased as much as the rich. The minimum wage for 2015 is $10.30 per hour. In 1976 it was $2.65 per hour. Back then $2.65 was had the same value as $10, so it has not changed that much. The increase for a CEO salary has increased much more in proportion.

blog 3

The NDPs are saying they will increase wages to $15. Unfortunately, the federal government only governs 6% of workers in the country as 94% are governed by the provinces. That is over 100,000 people who will get a higher wage.


Both the NDP and The Liberals have said they will implement a progressive tax system. This is good news.


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  1. Lopita says:

    Nice review, Omi!

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  2. archnagupta says:

    Great blog Omiya! Makes the critical issues very easy to understand! Looking forward to reading your next post!

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  3. RoeSivanandan says:

    Hello Omiya

    So proud of your efforts on analyzing and presenting such macro topics in a concise and comprehensible manner. Kudos!


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    1. omiyagoel says:

      Thank you so much Uncle Roe! Any other issues that you think I should blog about?


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