Harper Plays An Ace

Sorry about the delay for my new posts. I have been researching and I watched the highlights of the leaders debate in French (with english translators).

Today I am going to talk about strategy.

Again, the Niqab issue has surfaced up. Let me tell you why.

There was a taxpayer paid poll earlier this year and just released now that cost $133,000 done by the Federal Government (Conservative) that asked the question to Canadians, if women should remove their Niqab or Burkas at citizenship ceremonies. They did telephone surveys with 3000 people and found that there was a lot of support from Canadians for women to remove their Niqab, 82% favoured the policy somewhat or strongly and in Quebec, this number jumped to 93%!

So it is no surprise that at the French language debate yesterday that Stephen Harper brought this up again to target the NDP, who have come out in support of the right to wear the Niqab and are very strong in Quebec. (Not surprisingly, their support is slipping…)


So, here we are with Harper playing a smart card, putting the other parties in difficulty.   I believe It is our jobs as voters to look past this sly strategy and focus on the important issues.

This is what I am hoping to help with.

poll photo


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