Strategy 101: To Win An Election

The Canadian Parliament added 30 seats for this election and these extra 30 seats brings the total number of seats to 338, as there where 308 seats before.

seat distribution

Therefore, the magic number is 170 to form a majority government.

Here’s the strategy to hit 170 seats:

  • target Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

I looked at the distribution for the seats in Canada and I saw that Ontario has the most seats with 121 and Quebec in a close second with 78 seats. British Columbia has 42 seats.

  • Focus on the 80%

People in urban areas have different values than people in rural areas. For example, people in cities are more likely to use technology such as a smartphone and that they or their parents immigrated here. Those in rural areas are more likely to go to church, and own a gun and support the war in Syria.  The urban population is 80% vs. the rural population which is 20%. Urban Population% in Canada

  • Celebrate ethnic diversity

Immigrants have different values than people who have lived here for a while. Some examples are, immigrants value education and are less likely to get divorced. This factor for political parties is becoming more and more important as 20.6% of Canada’s population are visible minorities. This number has increased since 2006 when it was 16.2%.  visibile minority % ref This is why you see the leaders of the parties going to ethnic cultural events and eating multicultural food.

tom_mulcair_rumaaltrudeau ceremonyharper diwali

There is no arguing of the shift that is happening based on the changing demographics of our country. The country is becoming more left-leaning. Parties that focus on the right are appealing to a shrinking base. Conservatives…

…Watch out!!!


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