The Decision on October 20th

Based on the latest poll shows that the Conservative party will have the most seats – 132 – if an election happened today. The Liberals appear to come in a close second at 120 seats. The NDP is third with 84 seats. Therefore the Conservative Party is 38 seats away from being able to form a majority government. It looks like it will be no clear majority, so let me tell you what will happen on the morning of October 20th.

A minority government can form when a party does not get more than half of the seats in the House Of Commons (170). Canada is run by a monarchy. The head of our country is still the Queen. The Governor general is the Queen’s representative. Therefore, the Governor General will ask the party with the most seats to if they want to form the government. In this case, if Harper is asked to form the government, he will need to ask at least 1 other party (NDP or Liberals) to support hm in the parliament so that they can pass laws. They will probably say no as their values are very different from the Conservatives values.

In this case, the Governor General will ask the second party with the most seats, in this case probably Justin Trudeau. Then Justin Trudeau will likely reach out to the NDP to form a partnership to govern the country.

We need a majority of votes to pass a law. If this does not happen, then the party that is in power will fall and they will need to do another election.

Many people do not like to go to election again because it is a hassle and a waste of money. They will normally not vote for that party that caused the election.  It looks like Harper is in a no win situation. My next blog will be about Bellwether Ridings.


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  1. I appreciate your take on this. I am concerned about how uncooperative partisan politics is becoming, and I posted this re: the health of democracy:

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