Brampton Decides the Election?

Today my parents were listening to CBC radio Metro Morning with Matt Galloway.

Metro Morning

They told me to come and listen. Apparently, Mr. Galloway had a guest who was talking about the importance of Brampton in the election. I then found out that Brampton was a bellwether riding.

I visited my grandfather for Thanksgiving weekend and he was saying that he has not decided who he was voting for yet. This is important because Mississauga and most ridings in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) are important in this election.

Let me explain to why this is.

Definition: Bellwether ridings 

bellwether riding is an area that is important to an election. This is because it gives you a signal on what is going to happen in the rest of election ridings.

2011 and 2006 results

In 2006, the Liberals won most of the suburban (905 – area code) GTA. In 2011, the Conservatives turned around all the ridings in the suburban GTA. This was linked to the Conservative’s Majority government. Therefore, it appears that the suburban GTA areas are bellwether ridings.

The key to win the election is to target and win the bellwether ridings. I think that Brampton is a perfect example for this. This supports what Mr. Galloway said this morning.

Brampton is multicultural and has perfect balance of urban and rural values where people vote on opposite sides of the political scale (left and right leaning).


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