Thank you CBC! and A Plan to Vote Harper Out?

I would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Matt Galloway for inviting me to speak on CBC Radio Metro Morning Show this morning and spreading the word about my blog.

CBC Metro Morning

So far I have a lot of people who are interesting in reading what young people like me have to say. It was a great experience. Mr. Galloway asked me a question that I was a little bit confused about. It was asking ‘what is my ‘ballot question?’. Now I have an answer for this question:   I think my ballot question would be the party protecting the environment the most will receive my vote.

I would also like to thank Nikita, the editor of Bramptonist, Emily Walker, and the rest of the people at Samara.

Anyway, today I will be talking about a website that can let you know,  if you do not support the Conservatives, how to VOTE HARPER OUT. This is an important subject because people should work together if they want to do this because we have a FIRST PAST THE POST SYSTEM. In our current system the candidate with the most votes in the riding wins and gets a seat in the parliament in Ottawa. The other votes are ‘lost’.

Many people I have spoken want to vote Harper out. Even if the Conservatives only have around 35%, they could still win the election because they are the only Right leaning party . The Left leaning parties will have difficulties winning because they are all fighting each other (splitting the vote). The only way to beat the Conservatives is for the parties to work together strategically. There is a website by an organization called Leadnow that can tell you on how to help with this. They are recommending that you vote one of the left leaning parties depending on which riding you are in. I looked up my riding in Brampton South and it is saying we should vote Liberal if we want to defeat the Conservative candidate. Please see the link below:


Make your choice on October 19th.


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  1. seema goel says:

    Very concisely summarized.
    I would also suggest people look at vote swapping. There is a facebook page Vote Swap 2015 which connects people in different ridings where there is a close margin between the conservative and non-conservative candidate. It gives people the opportunity to essentially swap who they vote for (between the non-conservative candidates) so they are able to both vote their conscience and work to defeat the conservative candidate. It essentially helps with strategic voting.

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