The Media’s Advice for October 19th

The Conservatives supporters tend to be older than other parties’ supporters. They hope to win 169 seats. The Liberals and NDPs hope for around 135 seats. May newspapers have opinions of their own. Here are some examples:

Major newspapers are giving advice. The Globe and Mail says to vote Conservatives. The interesting thing is that they wrote,”His party deserves to be re-elected. But after October 19th, he should quickly resign.”

The Toronto Star says to vote Liberals. They write, “it’s time to get Canada back on a more hopeful, more progressive course ‘

The Toronto Sun says, “A big no, therefore, to Stephen Harper.”

The Montreal Gazette says Harper is the most prudent choice and has been endorsing his party for the past 3 elections.

The Vancouver Sun says, “Mr. Harper is by far the best man for the job and not just for the reasons stated in your editorial (spot on), but the guy has got a lot of class. You could see that in the debates. He was non-interruptive, calm and collected while the others bombarded him consistently.”

No matter what the newspapers say, make your own decision. They are not always right.


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