Playing the Trump Card


  • there are 2 parties: the Democrats and the Republicans –> in Canada, we have 5 main parties
  • the leader runs across all of the states –> in Canada, the leader runs only in his/her riding
  • they are choosing their leader of their party right now
  • to win the election has to win the states – all states are worth different points depending on size–> In Canada, all our ridings are equal – all ridings are worth 1 seat
  • they have a president –> in Canada, we have a prime minister

These are the same things, but they have different names


270 is the magic number  –   remember this 

list of states and points


The green ridings are the states that decide the election. In Canada, we have swing ridings which are very similar to swing states.

Example:  In 2000, Florida was a swing state and George Bush beat Al Gore by a few hundred votes. This decided the election even though Al Gore had more votes across the country.



  • right leaning party


Now, you are probably thinking, ‘Am I the only person who thinks this guy is crazy?’

Well , No. I am sure lots of people have the same feelings.


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