What is a terrorist?

We are all very sad and concerned about what happened in Paris. There are many other attacks all over the world that people do not even think about. Some of the other terrorist attacks:

  • Lebanon: In Beirut, a few days before Paris, 43 people were killed and over 200 people were killed
  • Nigeria: In Baja, Boko Haram, the terrorist group, killed over 2000 people (similar numbers to 9/11)
  • Maiduguri Airport: around 10 people died by Boko Haram


After the Paris attacks, I found out that a mosque was burned down in Peterborough.   It was found that it was done on purpose by people who are angry and blame “all muslims” for what happened in Paris.

Also, a few days ago, I heard in the news, that a muslim lady was walking in a park in Toronto while picking her children up from school. She was attacked by two men and her belongings were stolen. They called her a terrorist and ripped off her hijab.

This is crazy because she did not do anything and if anyone was a terrorist in that situation, it was the men.

There are terrorists in Paris, Beirut, and Nigeria, but the attacks in Toronto and Peterborough is an act of terrorism. The only difference is the amount of violence.



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  1. Ikram says:

    Very well said Omiya…anything which hurt others are act of terrorism. Just the intensities are different. If anybody loves the religion so much than they would never harm anyone. These are the people who has no relation with any religion.

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