Get Rid Of CO2

Hooray! A historic agreement was signed in Paris on Saturday December 12th, 2015.  Leaders of countries all over the world signed a historic agreement saying to reduce their levels of carbon dioxide.

Why is this agreement important?

This is important because countries must work together to stop carbon dioxide emissions. If one country does not reduce their emissions and another country does, it will not make a difference because the other country will still make lots of pollution.

What causes carbon dioxide emissions?

Cars, big factories, trucks, airplanes, and heating are major emitters. Another big greenhouse gas that causes global warming is methane, which comes from livestock. Methane is 84 times as strong as carbon dioxide.sources-of-carbon-dioxide-emissions-from-fossil-fuel-combustion

Who are the biggest emitters?

The biggest emitters are China, America, Russia, Canada, and India. carbon dioxide emitters

How is Canada helping?

Canada is helping to stop carbon dioxide emissions. This is great because Stephen Harper did not want to help. He did this because he thought it was very expensive and he supports the Tar Sands Industry. Justin Trudeau helped because he thought this was important to help the Earth. Canada plays an important part in this because Canada is a big emitter, we can set the example for other countries, and can change a lot of things. In the Kyoto agreement, Canada promised to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, but failed. Instead, the emissions went up.

This is a warm December, which is very unusual, but pleasant. This  is affected by the emissions. So far there has been no snow!


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