Is Global Warming Really A Big Deal?

I’ve noticed that there is barely any snow on the ground now. Up here in Canada, we used to have mountains of snow that I could toboggan down in my backyard. But we are happy to not shovel the snow! So now I am wondering, is the world really getting warmer? Or is there just no snow?

Yes. The Earth is getting warmer, but we can change this from happening. Unfortunately, studies show that this February was the hottest February ever recorded. This is a very big deal because in a few hundred years, there might be no Arctic. No Arctic means there would be no polar bears, seals, snowshoe hares, no more other Arctic animals. We might be able to reverse some of our damage to the Earth if we reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. Since digging up oil releases the carbon dioxide, we need to leave the oil in the ground and find another resource to use. We have come up with great ideas as a substitute, like solar and wind power. These ideas are Earth friendly and we need to start putting these ideas to work now.

Bill Mckibben is a very famous environmentalist. He started a website called I will explain more about him and his website in my next post.

Think about little things you can do every day to reduce using energy, to recycle, to think about how we can change things.  I want you to make a difference!



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