350.org is a website made by Bill Mckibben. Bill Mckibben is an environmentalist that is very concerned about climate change and global warming. I also feel that this is a big deal as the world could become like Venus because of the greenhouse effect. Venus’ oceans disappeared millions of years ago. We don’t want the same thing to happen to Earth.

350.org is a website that spreads awareness to people around the world because we want to save our world. The name of the website, 350.org, was called this because the amount of carbon we should have in the world is 350 ppm (parts per million). Right now, we have close to 400 ppm. This is not good. The amount of carbon keeps on rising every year. Soon it will be close to 500 ppm, and then 600 ppm.

The Greenhouse Effect is when carbon dioxide traps the Sun’s energy that comes in through radiation. When the energy is released from the Earth, it cannot go back into space because of the carbon dioxide in the air.

This is why we need to reduce our emissions of carbon dioxide or else our planet will heat up causing a very difficult environment to live on. The Earth will become like Venus if we don’t do anything now. I hope you will think about this and make a difference. 


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