The Terrible Accident With A Terrible Verdict

A while ago, there was an accident involving Marco Muzzo, three children, and their grandfather. Marco Muzzo was drinking and driving and that was what has caused the accident which killed the three children and their grandfather. Last week, he was given a ten year sentence from the judge. What is unfair about this sentence is that he might be able to do parole before he completes the full sentence. He might be able to get out as early as after 3 years. All of the children were under 10 years old. Muzzo was banned from driving for 12 years. Lots of people are not happy with this sentence because it was too light. The children’s grandmother and great grandmother were also in the car and were seriously injured. Their grandmother was driving. Muzzo had three times the alcohol in his blood than what was the legal limit. This is not good and needs to be stopped. People can not just be killing other people randomly just because they are not following the rules or anything else. I think 10 years is not enough because this is not his first offence. He has had many other offences like speeding and driving with a device in his hand. I can’t believe this.


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