The Pen That Wanted To Be “A Little Bomb”

Do you really think a regular pen is dangerous? Donald Trump certainly thinks so. The other day, there was a reporter that had a pen in her hand when she tried to interview Donald Trump. Donald Trump commented on this and said that the pen could have been some sort of secret weapon “like a little bomb”. I mean, it was just a pen and she was a reporter. Is it that weird for a reporter to have a pen in her hand?

Anyway, I think Trump made a big deal that she had a pen in her hand, but the pen was just a piece of what had happened. The reporter wanted to interview Donald Trump as she should want to do, being a reporter.

The real reason Trump said this was to defend his campaign manager who was charged with assaulting the reporter.

Trump’s video on the pen was crazy because he really seemed like he believed that the pen was a little bomb.  But we all know it was a poor excuse for his campaign manager’s action.



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