Saving the Earth – One Step At A Time

Today, on a school field trip, we went to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It was a science trip, but it was still lots of fun. We were going to the Green Living Show. Our assignment was to find items that are earth – friendly. Fortunately, most of the products were Earth-friendly or energy efficient, so we had no problem completing our assignment. That gave us some time too explore and take our time at some of the last few booths. One of the products was a garden box for plants. It saved water and your plants could go up to a week without water. The water is stored in a compartment underneath the box. When it rains, your plants can survive even longer without you needing to water them. All they need is sunshine. The same booth had recycled rocks. They were made of glass and were really light. Another booth was giving out an award for the greenest car which will be announced soon. Overall, I had a great time on the field trip and I learned a lot. I hope you will try to be greener and help save the environment!


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  1. Manjit says:

    Omiya, do you feel encouraged by what you saw at the show? Do you think that individuals can do enough to halt or reduce climate change?


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