A Devastating Fire

Fort McMurray, also called Fort Mac, had a giant forest fire a few weeks ago. It spread through the whole town causing many people to lose their homes. The fire jumped Highway 63, the only way in and out of Fort McMurray, and the Athabasca River. Many people were surprised that the fire was this serious, so the town was evacuated. It only got worse from there. People had around 15 minutes to get out of their homes and either to the Oil Sands or on their way to Edmonton. Most homes were burned down. Many people left their cars and other belongings that are now gone.

The only way out and in of Fort Mac is Highway 63. It leads to Edmonton. Most people north of the fire moved to the Oil Sands that are north of Fort Mac while the people that live south of the fire drove down Highway 63 to Edmonton. The Oil Sands were getting full, so some people took chances and went down Highway 63. They succeeded in making it to the highway so everyone drove down the Highway. The rest of Alberta and Canada sent things to help with the fire. Some Albertans lent gas, and other resources that the evacuees could not access. The other provinces sent things to help with the fire. The fire caused a lot of smoke and made it hard to drive and breathe on Highway 63. The Premier of Alberta, Rachel Notley says some residents of Fort McMurray may be able to move back on June 1st depending on their progress on rebuilding the city.

Now, the smoke has moved into B.C. and Saskatchewan. The nearest community in Saskatchewan is protected by a lake, so people do not think the fire will be a problem for them.


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