Female Superheroes

Today, I was listening to podcast about underrated female superheroes. All of you have heard of Disney, right? If you go into Disney stores, they are full of Disney Princesses. How many female superheroes have you actually seen? There may be some, but there are not many. Being a young girl, I find this very sad. People assume that girls like princesses and that they can’t like superheroes. My friend, Lauren, loves superheroes and comic book characters. She even dresses up as them for Halloween. I asked her the other day to tell me her favourite super heroine. She said she could not pick, but if she had to choose, Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is one of the most famous female super heroines. How many other female super heroines can you name? I know I can’t name that many, but they are there and they are around. For example: BatWoman, Black Widow, Catwoman, Hawkgirl, Zatanna, and lots more. A good change that I noticed was when the Star Wars movie came out. I looked at the online Disney Store and I could found a few merchandise for Rey, one of the lead roles in Star Wars. In the Disney stores, they only have famous super heroines like Bat Woman and Black Widow. You would have to look elsewhere for other female roles.


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