America – The Next 4 Years “To Go or Not to Go?”

As we all should know by now, Donald Trump is the president elect for the United States of America. His inauguration is on Friday January 20th, 2017. That is just 26 days away!

I am very worried. I usually vacation in Florida once a year with my grandparents and have just recently been to Hawaii – I arrived back home today. We usually do a big vacation somewhere every year and it is usually in the US. While I was in Hawaii, I was thinking about our next vacation and where it should be. Since I am very worried about the future of the US and what would happen, I said, “We should vacation somewhere else for the next four years. Just until Trump’s presidency is over.”

There were a lot of disagreements about where we should go because my brother was not as worried and he wanted to vacation in the United States. Fortunately, there were a lot of new choices on the list – a lot of them we have not been to before.

Japan, the Serengeti, Paris are a few of my favourites.

Tell me, has Trump changed your plans to visit the US?



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